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Polyswitch à Rabat au Dhow

Polyswitch à Rabat au Dhow

POLYSWITCH à Rabat au Dhow

Born and raised in Casablanca/Morocco, DJ and Producer, Polyswitch is Influenced by a wide range of artists from a variety of genres, he developed his knowledge and taste in music. While exploring the world of electronic music Polyswitch was Heavily impressed by synthesizer sounds, He was Introduced to DJing first, But a desire to break musical and technological limits pushed him into production.

In may 2012 he established a series of electronic music events based in casablanca called LOSTFREQUENCY.

In november 2013 Polyswitch has released his debut EP called Vacation on the UK label Question of time, supported by artist such as Slam,Nick Holder, Stacey Pullen, Jamie Anderson and many more.

2015 plans include a second EP amongst several other exciting projects, With respect for his growing up talent, Polyswitch is a name to look out for on the Moroccan electronic music scene.

Info et résa : Youssef au 06 14 36 02 49